We are already on the 3rd of December!

Advent Wreath

Now there I couldn't resist!

I spoke to Sophie and she said she is so incredibly busy the next 3 weeks and they will be so stressful, that it kind of melted my heart when she said:

I wish I could be home already!

Sweetie, it certainly felt good to hear that and me too. I wish you could be home, help me decorate the tree like we used to, playing Christmas songs and you would put the funny hairband on your head with the wiggling angels on it and would make jokes about the old self-made decoration made by you, which I still keep and bake more goodies and treats. We could go to Advent Markets , especially the one in front of the Schönbrunn Castle!

It is cold out but no snow yet, which is kind of a good thing, but then again I would like to make a wish:

Let it snow just a little so everything is covered under a white blanket and let it not melt again the days before Christmas as usual. I so hope we have white Christmas this year!

So here it is: My Wish for Christmas - beside us all be together!