Kussmaul Restaurant Wien

Now, I know what you're thinking right now… This place looks like it's in New York or London, but you're wrong, because this might be my favorite restaurant in Vienna just yet, and the reason you don't know about it until now is because it just opened, merely a few weeks ago.

Kussmaul is situated in this cozy little side street in Vienna's seventh district (just to prove that it's actually in Vienna, mind you), but the interiors are anything but cozy, but rather an extremely cool city restaurant. Just take a look for yourself!

We went on a Saturday to try out their brunch menu, which I was pretty excited about, because good brunches in Vienna are an extremely rare find.

After a quick snoop around the place we settled into our booth (and yes, this restaurant is like a Midwestern diner's older and cooler New York City cousin complete with gorgeous booths to sit in) and started off with coffee, tea and sour dough croissants (like the beginning of any really great story). 

I have to admit I'm not quite sure as to what the sour dough is supposed to affect, but they were perfect croissants, so I won't be asking any further questions.

We shared granola with fruit and yoghurt (they make their yoghurt and granola themselves might I add) and followed up with an assortment of eggs on spinach, a soft boiled egg, avocado banana salad (which my mom is now obsessed with recreating) and bread, of course.

Now let's move on to the more important parts of this meal, in my opinion what made this place so stellar, the so-called meal makers you might say...

First off, the pancakes, which were more like a delicious pancake sandwich with bananas and mascarpone cream. Now, proceed with caution please, because I'm not sure if you'll be able to handle this next picture:

Kussmaul Restaurant Wien

Do you see what I'm getting at? 

Anyways, continuing on to my personal favorite: the scrambled eggs with avocado tartar and pumpkin seed oil. As per usual with anything containing avocado and eggs I added bacon (not pictured), but let me tell you the saltiness of the bacon rounded everything off perfectly.

Kussmaul Restaurant Wien

Did I mention they also make their own lemonades? I opted for an apricot early grey one to finish off my delicious meal.

Kussmaul Restaurant Wien

By the way, if you noticed, like I did, how unbelievably cute their ceramics are, I found out where you can buy these. And the best part? They're 20% off right now! Find them under Bloomingville .

And find Kussmaul here, I'll be back for more soon: