How delicious, healthy and nutritious

I kind of observe the raw food vegan world now for a while and am really intrigued by it. There is so much to explore and the ones practicing a diet void of all animal products seem to increase daily. You can read and follow the story of deliciouslyella and her battle against a decease she only won due to her setting her mind on eating well and becoming healed. She is now an inspiration to thousands and a lively, hard working young woman, living her dream and running her business well as a nutritionist, App producer and cookbook author - well in this case it should be called "assembling book" as almost nothing is baked or cooked. She is beautiful and looks extremely ... clean I might say. She made the word "goodness" apply to all plant based food.

Said that I am still convinced that a cooked meal, soups and other dishes should not be missed and that the body needs nutrition from all aspects of the food pyramid. But I agree that we can feed ourselves and become ill of what we eat or well. Good thing is that you can find out for yourself what is best for you and - please laugh a lot, its the best medicine, don't you agree?

Her is my smoothie of today made with CHIA,

2 bananas
1 pear, deseeded
a handful fresh berries
2 tbsp cashew butter
Icecubes to crush in the blender, that keeps the smoothie nice and cold

2 tbsp chia seeds

I mix the fruit and ice well and add the chia last, blend it only a few times so the seeds stay intact.

You will love this and please try it out with any fruit you have at home. Your tummy will thank you and you will feel totally energized throughout the morning. The Chia seed is called a  SUPERFOOD ! Experience it! 

Can you see the goodness? The white is from the cashew butter!