1837 TWG

The past month went by in a flash and somehow we ended up posting fewer than ever before even though we had that rare extra day on Monday ...
Who cares for Mondays? I don't for sure. Couldn't we opt for an extra Sunday ???

Actually I do miss that day between Sunday and Monday every week when I come to think of it! But we have been busy investigating recipes catching up with friends, traveling a fair bit , unfortunalty the weather has been quite challenging to take beautiful pics from Zürich, but we found other fellow bloggers have been less busy as well.

Still we want to share some highlights and send you our favourits from the world's most creative ladies out there!

• Peony Lim is a true beauty and here is her most recent post, the one I love most is this one!

• Dust Jacket inspires Sophie every week and she keeps sending me links to her posts.
   Here is my favorite apartement! 

• You might want to try this recipe of Rose & Almond Granola Parfait by tworedbowls.

• The Guardian is a great source for quick and easy recipies by Ottolenghi like this
   Lavash flatbreads with mint yoghurt and vegetables one that I will give a try for sure !

1837 TWG

Photos taken in Bangkok at the TWG tea house this January. This beautiful tea I had was the best ever and the most stunning I had so far.