This is your spot with whatever lecture you fancy, no phone no clock

This is your spot with whatever lecture you fancy, no phone no clock

.... no work ...

   Ever since the kids are out of the house it is the same frantic question each year?
When is Mother's day actually ???

    As if the date changes each year, some years Mother's Day was celebrated on a Tuesday in March other years even on a Friday in April, ... or was it May? In Austria, Germany and Switzerland it is the 2. Sunday in May, for as long as I remember. I know, how random and how confusing. When I was a child, I was never surprised. I  knew when Mothers Day was, because I could smell it: the lilac was in full bloom everywhere! So I went out and gathered from all the overhanging bushes of our - dear - neighbors the fattest, and meanly teaming with ants, bouquet of lilac, made a card and baked a cake. The world was in order, now the lilac has its own mind blooming way before the second Sunday of May and the kids are confused. Mine mainly because now they live in other places,  in England, where Julian lives, Mother's Day was on the 31st of March, in France, where Sophie is right now, it will be on the 27th of May ... poor kids! Hard to be on time!

   Nobody told them actually: mothers have no special day! NO DAY? I opt clearly for every day! The minute we realize sleeping in is forever over, we have a new constant in our lives: worry, we worry and clean after the kids and drink tons of cold coffee, not for pleasure but out of mere survival instincts. And live just gets so busy ...
Since the US culture brainwashed our kids we need pancakes in the mornings of Mother's Day, we worry even more. Pancakes must be served in bed, we agonize one seemingly endless hour, how on earth are we going to clean up the mess in the kitchen, after the 'big surprise' is delivered,  trying to find every pillow in bed to cover our ears from the clanking of pots, the hissing of commands and the hushed frustration from what was once our domain, yet is the battlefield of sugar, butter and eggs - a combination we would never allow ourselves in the morning, because we should be perfect role models! The glitter we sit on in bed - which was loosely fixed on the most beautiful card!!! I have seen for a year - will never wash off, its permanently indented on the behind and the question comes to mind WHhhhhYYY? 

   Why not dreaming of perfect toe nails and a new pair of white jeans with a comfy light blue cashmere sweater, a day as gorgeous as the waves the hairdresser skillfully fixed - not loosely! with my hair, on a daybed just for me and all afternoon, enjoying a great new book (cookbook!) on the terrace while the kids are  .... having fun someplace else?
 Or reloade your energy with a special message from Ravi Zaccharias !!!
Am I being too real or have I noticed behind all this pink and purple on the internet and in stores for Mother's day - as if we mothers are secretly still 7 years old? - That Mother's day is a real challenge making another Sunday even more work than usual?

   I don't own anything pink, apart from indoor sneakers, and they do not count, because nobody will see them, ... Sophie gave me lots of grief for them, when she did one day! 
 With all the things mothers dream of, even if they don't want to admit, our happiness has some rules attached, a stay clean kitchen would be just perfect for one day!
So my recipe is actually fun today. It is doable for kids any age - with daddy's supervision and will make us happy too! Served in one of the smaller vases, so the big bouquet of lilac will still be watered and maybe best kept outdoors, so the ants can find their way home - their home!

iced coffee
Iced Coffee with cream
 Delicious fresh sweet juicy new strawberries from the Steiermark

Delicious fresh sweet juicy new strawberries from the Steiermark

Preperation Time 15 minutes
No cooking, only a little mess

Mother's Day


You Need

500ml heavy cream
3 larger merengue
raspberries, strawberries
chocolate sirup

In a high rising bowl beat the cream until stiff peaks form when you pull the whisk up. Break the merengue in smaller pieces, wash and drain the berries, I cut my strawberries in half plus I piped my cream to make it look so 'perfect'. the kids can still spoon the cream into the bowl or vase. Make layers of all the ingredients and don't forget to wash up and store the mixer back in its place! It is a perfect no mess recipe with such a great name.

It is hard to rightfully translate into German, my friend Elena would call it "Beeren GATSCH"!
And a fine dessert as well!