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About us

On this blog you can follow two worldviews held by two generations with twofold inspiration.
What we love and find inspirational we share with you on these pages.


About us

On this blog you can follow two worldviews held by two generations with twofold inspiration.
What we love and find inspirational we share with you on these pages.

Doubledipping partners

Nothing is more challenging than to start something you have never done before. That is what we did now already 4 years ago, when we went online with this doubledippingblog. The name really suites us. We love to eat and to cook, in our home we first eat the cheesy crust from the baked dish then we add more cheese. Everyone kept asking about recipes whenever there was food on the table and pushed us to share how to cook like we do, so this is our online version of a cookbook and inspiration for those who wish to spend more time in a kitchen and less time watching a cooking show.
My dad, Sophie's grandpa, was an adventurer by heart and calling. He left everything behind to live on a boat and when he finally settled down at the age when others think about slowing down, he taught himself to bake, bought a huge oven for bread baking and tins of flour and baked away. His bread made everyone happy who had a vacation home in Mallorca, that is where he lived and sold dark sourdough bread to hotels and homeowners, who sometimes bought their supply for two months in go. Sophie got that gene in her and I cannot deny my Dad's passion for food made with love!.
We also share our wanderlust and often enough we choose destinations just to share how beautiful it was with our readers. Kind of neurotic? Yes, but who is not? Only thing is that one has to aware of it. I realized Sophie does not even need an excuse to hop on a plane/train/boat or car, as I need no excuse to spend hours in the kitchen and to try my take on a recipe. We love Jesus, we love creativity, we love dancing, photography, decorating and cooking. So glad you came by and please visit often.
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Freethem is showing the Movie


at the Cineplex in Innsbruck / Austria
on the 19th of October at 19:30


Featured Organisation in Spring


We are in shock what happened in Brussels this week.
The terror brought to us from radical Islam seems to hide behind coward men who sacrifice their lives for terror.
We knew those gods who needed a sacrifice to be appeased in the antique world only from history books,
and we all know that it is wrong. But here it is again in a very vicious form.

We pray for those left behind and those who are in power.

A side effect of our own culture not to value every human being as special and in need of protection is

this trade grows beyond the trade with weapons and drugs...

Just because a human being can be resold again and again...
The victims are often kids both girls and boys
the younger the better and their future ends abruptly.
We cannot close our eyes anymore; we can be the voice for those who lost all hope, who are trapped in a daily terror!
Sold to serve as sex workers for men who are violent and immoral


Everyone can be involved but the times are over to just click the I LIKE button!
Get involved:

If you are in Sweden
If you are in Germany
If you are in Austria




Each time I prepare food for my family I save one handful of rice and collect it for


… as long as we have something to eat
we have something to be thankful for …

Suggested Organisation


We made a resolution in the middle of the year! How about that! We thought if we made in June it might last much longer, lets say August? No seriously!
we want to give you some information about charities or personal engagement people support with their skills and their time and often enough their financial possibilities. We live in order to serve others - not joking, and if you listen to some of the commencement speakers this month at graduation ceremonies you will hear words such as:

Make the most out of your life!
Now, as you graduate, the doors to the world stand wide open!
Trust in yourself!
Find your passion!
Go for the career!

All in itself very good aims in life and none can be neglected. Only if you are passionate about something you can make the most out of your talents. Yet even if you trust in yourself and risk high you might find yourself not succeeding at any cost. What if there is more to a successful life than the account you fill and the social networks you roam. So Sophie bore the idea that we will write about special visionaries, organizations that did more with their years after college and instead of their vacation. They invest in people, comfort the needy and reach out of their comfort zone. Hope you will enjoy the input and be inspired.

I met Viki when we lived in Bermuda and to know Viki and Mike you immediately will fall in love with them. One day They announced they will become Missionaries to the most needy ones, orphans in Africa. They left everything behind, and after a good deal of training they settled in the heart of Africa to lead a home and school for 70 orphans. They so inspired me with their readiness to do something that i decided to join them for a mini mission early next year. If you love what you do you do it with love. Hope I can make it this time and nothing comes in between. I wanted to go for training already but a severe tummy bug let me cancel the entire trip this February. So next possibility is October! I pray and hope I can go this time!

Our first Mission we like to introduce is:



WE made 2180 € and Dr. Oetker will double this to give a total of 4360 € to the SOS Kinderdorf and that will help to bring a lot of thankful smiles :)))



this year has a special meaning for us and we would love you to join us donate to this cause.
Help children not as fortunate to smile and have a joyful Christmas !
Every donation will be doubled by us and then !!!!! Again doubled by Dr. Ötker !!!

So if you give 10 € .... >>> you gave 40 €,

If you give 50 € you gave 200 €

and guess what ?

Try to give 100€ !!! you will be giving 400€

YES! Awesome isn't it? It has never been so easy being really generous!


NEW REALITY INTERNATIONAL is a 501c3 non profit organization

Dedicated to providing physical, emotional and spiritual healing

to the most vulnerable children suffering from poverty, disease and injustice worldwide.

Without careful thought, we can sometimes provide aid that produces dependency and crushes the local economy. We should rather empower and support communities as they try to get back on their feet.

Without careful thought, we can sometimes provide aid that produces dependency and crushes the local economy. We should rather empower and support communities as they try to get back on their feet.

Helping Doesn't Have to Hurt | A Book Review

New Reality International believes that the best way to help a developing country is to empower local workers and stand beside local organizations that are already doing their best work. We are currently working in the village of Trou du Nord, Haiti, providing financial support and mentorship to a Christian committee called COBSAMAT. These people are upstanding members of the community with a heart for orphans and a commitment to prayer and fasting. The following book review was written by one of our team members who recently visited the Project 7 Children's Village and could see first hand how the principles in this book affect the way we try to help. 


If you have any questions, please email us at project7@newrealityinternational.org.
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Nigeria's girls shed endless tears, their families are heartbroken

Nigeria's girls shed endless tears, their families are heartbroken

Operation Pearl is on Instagram as well follow here


#bringbackourgirls is a cry we can all sign 

#realmendon'tbuygirls make a sign and post it on insta Facebook and send it to your friends

#bringbackourgirls is a support you and I can give 

SPC - Stop Porn Culture

Dr. Gail Dines, author of "Pornland", a professor of sociology and women’s studies at Wheelock College in Boston. Gail is a founding member of Stop Porn Culture – an educational and activist group made up of academics, anti-violence experts, community organizers and anyone who is concerned about the increasing pornification of the culture.

In today's media dominated culture we are shocked by news reports of an illegal transport of 42 persons, in a van licensed for only 12, transiting our country. We are regularly informed about the smuggling of people across our borders, but we rarely hear of the women who are trafficked and sold over and over again to slave traders and pimps, and moved around the country to different brothels to satisfy the needs of their male clients. Abuse and drugs force them into willingness. Degradation, humiliation, violence, rape are part of the daily reality of these women, who in the eyes of society made a "conscientious choice" to earn their living in this particular way. Perhaps they might have even been forced into this to secure the survival of their children and other poverty stricken family members they leave behind. If they did not endure the violence and abuse of their paying clients, the clients' immediate family members, their own wives and daughters, may have to deal with their distorted minds instead. However wrong that may sound to you now, have you ever thought about not looking away from the problem at hand? Driving past the girl in the street, the one exposing her thighs in cheap clothing in the dark of the night to woo a potential client her way, as a victim of human trafficking? A victim of the sex trade in a porn culture driven society? Do they have a choice, or do  you actually think they all earn a good living and enjoy what they do? Is legalization of prostitution a benefit for these women, is paying taxes their safety net? While they have medical checkups that their own clients do not need to go through? Are they all old enough to make their living as sex workers, or even old enough to be forced to make this "choice"? Can we all agree upon the existance of the migrating sex worker, desperately needing a better standard of living, or are our consciences silent? What can we do in order to be a voice for the voiceless? 

it is sadly so that it is all women, but more so the youngest girls we need to protect from being abused, exploited and having their future destroyed.

Learn more and watch the movie Nefarious or the recent CNN Freedom report with Mira Sorvino, aired 22nd of March 2014.