Marion & Sophie

Marion & Sophie

This is a mother daughter blog about lifestyle, food, travel and all the things in life that make us smile.

We are passionate photographers and love to share what we see. 

We have always cooked together and there are many photos with Sophie helping me in the kitchen when she was little. 

My daughter Sophie now lives in New York and attends university there, while I live in Vienna, Austria, with my husband and my son. She explores and shares her finds of the city, along with her personal style and travels.


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I stopped eating red meat when I was 14 and since then I love to explore different foods and approaches. Preparing meat for others is not an issue for me and our guests usually love everything meaty I make. To be able to cook the meat so it tastes great my husband is the source for my knowledge. His tongue is my parameter and I rely totally upon him. 
After Macrobiotics when I was young and trying to fit into the model's ideal miniature sizes during my early twenties I adopted a rather unhealthy lifestyle eating so little and often choosing the sugary stuff in order to get some energy from my food. When I became pregnant I started with healthy foods and more and more understood how well the body can be supported by eating the right things and how terrible one feels if one ignores the warning signs.

Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be food.
Come and explore my walk and be open to new fields and a better wellbeing. 

A smart doctor once advised his patient that he has two options: To become well he suggested to cut out certain foods such as meat, sugar, alcohol and processed, prepackaged foods and live a long life. The patient said he cannot restrict himself in such a way and that this meant he wouldn't enjoy life as such. The Doctor said: Well then the second option is to stick to the meal plan he now embraces and live a short painful life. 

We all have options and some do not sound so much fun in the beginning, but seeing the grass grow from below is not fun either.
That said doesn't mean you will not find lots of cakes and recipes that are comfort food in the original term with white sugar. Still the recipes that are on the blog will stay there for their best reasons. They are delicious!

Have fun exploring with me: From green gummy frogs to green monster smoothies!

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