Brunch Top of the Standard

Lately (and I'm quite ashamed to admit it) I've been feeling a lack of inspiration. I feel like I've eaten at most of the places on my list, know my way around most of the areas of NYC really well and coming up with creative new content has become somewhat more difficult than it usually is. What never fails to get me excited about New York is this incredible 360 view from Top of the Standard and the amazing brunch they serve. I honestly had the best croissant here I've had since I returned from Paris (and I know how to make a mean croissant on my own mind you, I did attend Le Cordon Bleu after all). But honestly, this gorgeous place is worth more than one Sunday visit, just don't forget to dress up, there's a dress code, and don't forget to order the pastry sampling as always.

What do you do to find your inspiration on off days?