Green Smoothies

I had the Green Monster at Liquiteria and many more I really liked, but at home I never made one I can say will become my favorite. Or should I admit that I only drank them because I did not want to waste the goodness that in my glass happened to prove that not all can be mixed and pressed as long as it is green and it will automatically taste good as well?

I bought a new juice press -  no centrifuge - really pressing the last drop out and that will make a third more of the juice you try to make! I love it ! It is easy to handle and knowing my Mom, I immediately bought her one - as a Christmas present from us! 

The benefit of this juice press is that I love certain veggies but blending them is really tricky and did not benefit my smoothies at all. So here is my solution to the smoothie dilemma: Press cucumbers, celery stalk and cabbages, even kale. Pour them into your blender to liquify the ingredients you have, match them with real creamy veggies and fruit add the spice in form of a ginger or the sweetness from an apple or pear! Herbs are like medicine so be careful when you choose the amount. Add water, at least a third should be water, and add the superfood of your choice, in the end add chia, it can be stirred into your drink as well.

Jupiter Juice Press

Bet you thought it is one of those monsters that will take all you counter top space!. This one is really slender and elegant, don't you think?