little collins nyc

If I'm being completely honest, I have some pretty strange food preferences. For example, I like burgers, but I'd prefer steak and fries any day, because I like the meat when it's on its own. I only eat salted chocolate and I love chocolate cake, but hate chocolate based ice cream. This is where banana bread comes in. I absolutely hate bananas in their raw form, their flavor and consistency really doesn't appeal to me, for some reason, I really love banana bread, so much so that I'll have it with my morning coffee about every other day. Little Collins makes a great cup of coffee, but they also serve the Sweet Uncle Fred, toasted banana bread with ricotta, honey, fresh fruit and topped off with walnuts. The perfect afternoon snack in a friendly Aussie Cafe.

They only have a Midtown location so far, but I'm hoping they'll open one closer to me soon too! (Also if you like my rings, they're from a collaboration I did with ANNA Inspiring Jewellery)