Pasta with Winter truffles
Snow in the mountains

Good morning !

Good Morning everyone!

A new year has begun!

Welcome 2015 !

Leftover Champagne

What will this year bring? Where will we head with doubledipping ? What will we come up with to inspire you and keep you cooking and enjoying? Who knows, please stay with us through this new year 2015 !

We have some champagne left over from last ... year and it is the best pairing for this dish and will lift some of those yesterday sins. It is a "healing" dish and will bring you back onto your feet.


Pasta with truffles

We celebrate not on big scale. I kind of find New Years Eve a bit challenging. One must eat late and long we use to play games like cards or other bord games then we go outside make a little fire in an iron bowl and music and dance into the new year. We stay away from fireworks or crackers. There is a lot of deer in the woods around us and we do not want to scare them. We feed them and love to watch them come real close so fireworks is a no go around our house. They said that on New Years fireworks are responsible for a year's amount of pollution by cars. WOW that really is a reason to stay away from it.

My New Year's day pasta is a simple and heart warming dish and we eat it out of one bowl with lots of laughter and extra cheese.

My mom gave me this wonderful truffle for Christmas and Julian wanted to make lunch for us. In no time I could convince him to enhance his plain noodles with a little bit of truffle oil, cream and parmesan!

Parmesan Champagne and Truffles

You Need

500 grams fresh pasta
400 ml heavy cream
200 gr grated parmesan
salt, grey pepper
2 tbsp truffle oil
a winter truffle thinly sliced

Pour the heavy cream into a saucepan and bring to boil, as soon as the bubbles rise pour in 150 grams of your grated parmesan and let it rise one short time, then turn off the heat. The Cheese will melt while you stir on the stove that is still giving off enough heat. Season to your liking and add the truffle oil last. let sit there while you cook your pasta, drain the pasta and transfer it to a bowl pour the cream mixture evenly over it, sprinkle the rest of the parmesan over the pasta and finally add the truffles.

So easy - so quick - so heavenly!

Spiral staircase with Winter decoration

What will pick you up today ?