Ice sailing

Out and about to new shores, as this year draws to an end and we look back and reflect on what made this year special.
Was it things learned or new territories explored.

Friendships we lost or new ones we found. The moment we were able to enjoy as it happened or the moment we discovered by looking back on it's value.

Over the meadow

It is a magical time of year after Christmas and before New Year's Eve.
Peace and rest settles in and the mind can reflect upon what was and what will come to pass.

Soft rest
First snow

Have we been able to to set our foot on paths not explored or do we hope to do that next time with more energy and courage?
That is the tricky thing about those new paths, they look inviting but what will come out if it after the next turn?

Ansel Adams

His eyes are fixed on the shore ahead, his mind is set on things to explore, his heart is at ease. With God's help everything is possible.

Over the water

These photos were taken on a recent adventure to Königssee in Bavaria.