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My mom's lovely friend L is an expert in all things art, so naturally she took my mom and I to see the new Fabergé exhibit at the art history museum in Vienna.

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The exhibition displays the "easter eggs" of the Russian imperial family, along with many other personal belongings of Czar Nicholas II. The eggs are incredibly intricate and well worth the visit. You're actually not allowed to take pictures inside, but I sneakily took out my phone and quickly took one (don't tell anyone! ;).

Afterwards we made our way over to Demel, a former imperial bakery founded in 1786. They're known for their confectionary, hot chocolate and the intricate cakes on display in their windows. This time they recreated one of the eggs from the exhibit as a large cake.

Inside is a shop for their confectionary and a section for pastry before you get to the actual cafe to eat lunch or have coffee. You can even watch the pastry chefs going about their creations through the windows into the bakery at the back. If you go, remember to reserve a table, especially in summer or during the weekend, because it's popular among tourists as well.

We had a club sandwich with fries, avocado tartar with salmon, and of course Sacher Torte (chocolate cake with apricot jam) with whipped cream and Oberscremeschnitte (puff pastry filled with vanilla cream) to finish.

Very full and very happy, we walked home through the streets of Vienna's first district in the rain.

Even in the rain this city couldn't be more incredible.