Day 2 Into the Countryside 


We rented a white BMW and off we were to Grasse, the heart of the perfume industry. Patrick Süskind's novel "Perfume" was set here.

The Fragonard store is a wonderful place to learn a bit about perfume making, to buy scented candles, purchase a new fragrance for yourself or some gifts for friends. I find giving perfume away an art, so I am always a bit hesitant when I do.


Our restaurant for lunch Le Mas Candille in Mougins promises not only amazing scenery, but this beautiful food!

The food is elegant, subtle and feminine, as chef Serge Gouloumès himself described it, while we had coffee with him and he signed his beautifully photographed book for us.

Our lunch was mouth watering, don't you agree? (click on one of the images to get a larger slide show of our meal)

Afterwards we strolled around Mougins and visited a tiny museum for photography where I shot that great pose of Picasso.

In Nice

Christian, a friend and a talented jeweler, who is half Lebanese, visits his mother in Nice every other month. He recommended to have dinner at Ya Habibi, a Lebanese restaurant in Nice. I only wish we could have eaten more, because the food was truly amazing! We even had Lebanese red wine with our meal. 

When I came home I had to try to make Baba Ganoush, a Lebanese eggplant dip. 
It's best served with flat bread, Pita or tortilla bread, but it can be eaten with lamb as well. Check back tomorrow for my version of the recipe!