I love these before and after shots and this is really a mouth watering easy to follow recipe.

I used SPELT FILO dough from the store, its quick and when you saw my 7 min Quiche that is exactly the one I used for this French classic. Today I tried to make a light lunch because we planned to eat out that night so just a little snack with lots of color and fresh tomatoes:

1 dough of your preference (mine is a spelt filo dough)
600 gramms / at least 5 cups of cherry tomatoes 
120 gramms ¾ cup Feta cheese – I prefer the Greek one 
Chili, salt and olive oil
Fresh herbs such as SAGE, OREGANO, and I added some chive flower buds for fun 
                                            just because they smiled at me and they look pretty, a bit like capers

Roll out the dough on your baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Roll the ends up and over your thumb so you get something like a frame for your JACKSON POLLOCK masterpiece. Distribute the cherry tomatoes that you could cut in half or quarters, rub the feta between your hands and crumble them all over the tomatoes.
Add the herbs, a little salt and I love chili so mine had a fair amount of spiciness, sprinkle a little olive oil evenly over everything and bake for 30 min at 190°C / 380F.


DD Tip: If you love small appetizers before dinner for drinks?

Roll out the dough, take a glass or a cookie cutter with 5cm / 2" diameter and with some skill you might get at least 20 -30 little rounds out of this one dough. The leftovers can be kneaded and rolled again until all is used up - be fearless! Press the middle down with your thumb.

The rest is the same, I recommend to put 3 tomato halves on one piece and NOT to use any olive oil as the dough is greasy enough and the tomatoes will give some liquid anyways.