When Ken visited last weekend, he brought 2 young men with him along and that made a total of 5 men in the house and Sophie so far away to help me on the female side mainly in making food. My sweetheart knew I could not be hostess, chauffeur, city guide and chef all at once, taking pictures and translate so he booked as many restaurants as possible and we had great meals at the "Salzgriess", the Italian pizza place "Il Mare", at the "Plachutta" in Hietzing for Sunday Lunch and "Stasta" a nearby restaurant, where thy serve a fine "Ziebelrostbraten", which is beff with lots of tasty gravy and hiding under a pile of fried onions. Everbody's favorite it seems. One day I bought lamb for lunch, made a rucola salad with parmesan shavings and boiled eggs and thought these men would never touch my vegetarian dish, inspired by mille1000x Please Follow Noémie on Instagram, she just celebrated her x3000th follower and her food looks yummie! she mentions 100vegetal a book that inspired her.

I had no recipe but a picture and I made up this Strudel going along:

1 Filo Pastry , store bought
350-400 grams / 3 cups  tomatoes, cut in bite size pieces and seeded ( just take the cubes
               in both your hands and shake them over the sink the seeds will be drip into the sink)
½ a package Feta cheese or any other kind you like
a handful fresh basil leaves 
rock salt, chili
1 egg well beaten

Guacamole goes with everything!

Roll out the dough, preheat the oven to 190°C / 380° F and line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
Place the dough on the baking sheet, the tomatoes go right on the dough in the middle evenly spread on a strip from left to right, the Feta cheese can be crumbled over add the basil leaves as well, a fair amount of salt and chili and then you close the dough, this can be simply made: first the sides in, then the top and the bottom so they overlap and the filling is safely stored away, or try it my way, I made a pretty pattern looking like a braid by cutting in the dough in fingers like strips from the upper and the lower part of the dough 5 cm / 2" and folded them over the filling, this can be a bit tricky but the result is pretty! Do you agree?

The parchment can be folded around the Strudel to help it stay in shape!
The dough can be basted with the well beaten egg once before and once in the middle of the baking time, to achieve a nice coloring.

Everybody keeps asking how I can cook and stay slim at the same time, well this Strudel was eaten so fast I could only get the one piece that I had in front of the lens, the one I had my eye on the whole time while the others finished the rest! Bet all the meat is not as tasty as my Strudel!

Josue is a real Mexican, he said that my Guacamole is all right .... well then :)))