chanel and macarons

Needless to say there is a vast array of different types of macarons throughout Paris and throughout the world at this point. I've always loved them as a pretty gift or as a small (or not so small) snack with tea or coffee in the afternoon, but after a while all macarons seemed more or less similar. Cafe Pouchkine really managed to surprise me with macarons that are slightly larger, juicier and pack in delicious flavors like strawberry pistachio, cassis, and coffee caramel. Not to mention that most of them are dusted in fairy dust (which is how I explain how tasty they are). Whatever you do, don't miss out on the strawberry pistachio flavor.

They used to have a New York location, but as far as I can tell it shut down, so now only Paris and Moscow remain. Here's the Paris location: