Sophie's favorite summer soup!

I admit I sometimes buy a tetra-pack of Gazpacho as if I would watch myself do things that are usually not my habit, so I look over my shoulder to check if no one sees me …

I know! Its just because its quite a challenge to do this right, I do not like any seeds or chunks in my Gazpacho other than the heaps of fresh cut pieces of tomatoes, fresh onions and roasted bread dices .... So passing it through a sieve is very important, but so difficult at the same time!




2 kg very ripe tomatoes
8 red bellpeppers deseeded
2 Yellow bell peppers deseeded
1 peeled and deseeded cucumber ( Best cut lengthwise and scoop the seeds with a teaspoon)
3 onions 
Garlic as much as you tolerate 
Olive oil

Sherry vineagr
Salt, pepper, chili, maple sirup




Cut all veggies into small chunks,

blend them thoroughly,

and pass them through a sieve as shown:

It is an effort but the reward is huge

and you can enjoy it free of regrets!

Chill at least 3 hours before serving

For all times: Tomatoes need a little help with sweetness such as syrup or sugar that brings out the flavor of the tomato like a booster.

Serve with tiny cubed peppers and onions, roasted bread and a dash of olive oil. Or make decorative breadsticks wrapped with Serrano ham. Some like a little dry sherry in their Gazpacho, like I do but its up to you.

DD Tip:

After the hard work and the fantastic reward of enjoying this treat of summer ripe vegetables and in case you got some left overs like we did. Chill your Gazpacho and serve it one of the next 3 days in chilled cappuccino cups. A great starter for a BBQ with friends and very impressive !

You can also serve a marinated and grilled tiger shrimp on a skewer with it, very yummy.