Wow this is gooey and mouthwatering …

Wow this is gooey and mouthwatering …

There aren't a lot of good pastry shops besides Miles Market in Bermuda, which imported a few frozen Cakes. They were delicious but most of our friends baked and so for my own farewell present I asked all of our friends and neighbors for their best recipe.

 Anne, half French half German, married to an English man, was a neighbor and we often went out on our boats together on the weekends and spent hours floating around the shores of Bermuda.

This is her gift to me:

Chocolate Cake Le Castellet ( each house in Bermuda has its name)

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You need

250 gr/ 1 ¼ cups Good Chocolate
1 double Espresso
150 gr/ ¾ cup Granulated Sugar
200 gr / 1 cup Butter
5 medium eggs
6 tbsp flour
Strawberries, Caster Sugar (and chocolate decoration)

While she always served it with whipped cream I made it this time for my sweet mother in law for her birthday with strawberries. She is not very fond of desserts or cakes in general, but the tartness of the dark chocolate and the espresso paired with fresh strawberries were just her thing!

Melt the chocolate in coffee over low heat,
add the sugar and the butter and stir until the mixture is creamy,
- turn the heat off and move the pot from the stove.

Add the egg yolks one at a time and mix,
then one spoon at the time the flour.
Beat the egg whites to stiff peaks and delicately incorporate them.

Pour the dough into your baking dish and bake at 160°C/ 325F for 40-45 minutes

Let cool and transfer the cake onto a large enough plate upside down so you get the perfect flat bottom facing up to place the strawberries on it. I love the ones that are looking like dwarf hats all different and while you cut the green away you can make them all the same height.