I was running this morning and I am quite certain it was not swimming although the humidity probably was on an all time high for Vienna, it felt like running on the rail way trail in Bermuda with over 90%. Forget bringing your waterproof jacket, you can leave your mouth open while running, no danger you get a dry throat. So a lot of pros here.

Coming home exhausted, although freshly showered from outdoors, I craved tropical fruits and some extra energy from Maca and Chia but I wanted it to taste delicious too, 
like a treat!

When cutting the papaya length wise, the first thing you notice are the relatively big dark brown seeds, probably everyone scrapes them out with a spoon and never uses them.

 I do!

I love the taste, its spicy like pepper, crunchy like a nut and super healthy!

Kim, a famous Korean chef, with her own TV show in Korea and several restaurants her in Vienna, told me: JA! You can eat the seeds! They are good for your heart muscle!

I trust Kim, she is an expert and for her: Food is Medicine!

In my smoothie I didn't use the seeds today but you might, I used all of the following:

I love sour - this brings the tart to the other fruits

¼ of a ripe papaya, peeled and deseeded
1 large spoonful of chia seeds
1 heaped tsp of maca powder
I banana for the sweetness, peeled
I large maracuja, scrape the inside out 
luice of ½ a lime

1 ½ cups of calf water, or if you like add some ice to make it cooling and tropical 

All in a blender and blend until SMOOTHIE!

A healthy and satisfying meal right there - no cooking!