Today I'm starting a new series on cool instagrams to follow, because really, who doesn't love Instagram? I've grouped them into themes so it's easier to find ones you love, and I'll give a brief overview of why you should seriously follow these mindblowing photographers and get inspiration from instagram (in the order of the above pictures).

First up: @kevinwonka Kevin is one of my dear friends from NYC (alone for that reason you should follow him!) he's from Hongkong and was actually the person who got me into instagram in the first place, he handles a puddle like nobody's business and his night views of the city are simply stunning! (you might even find me in a few of his older pictures if you look closely)

@visualmemories_ @monaris_ and @lauraaprado are responsible for some serious girl power on instagram and have incredibly consistent color schemes, that never cease to amaze. Follow them for great views of NYC.

@hirozzzz is based in Tokyo, but he travels a lot, so you'll find everything from balloon rides, to ocean views to slow shutter Tokyo shots on his feed.

@thetrottergirl and @parisinfourmonths : probably two of my absolute favorite instagrammers out there, because they always show simple food shots and beautiful city scenery (not to mention they both travel around Europe and write Trottermag, one of my favorite online travel magazines)

@mortenordstrom is the European puddle expert, based out of Copenhagen, you'll always see a stunning new angle

@vutheara for extremely cool lighting and inspiring shots of Paris

@wrongrob @jnsilva for impressive shots all around NYC and a lot of stunning aerial views to top it all off.

@fliickman for stunning shots of the city with great captures of the movement of the city, along with cool coffee places and the creator of #coffeefliicks

Next week: Top 9 Dreamy Instagrams to Follow