Cilantro and chili pep up these little bite size burgers

Each time I make shrimp burgers I must recalculate the amount per person, its never enough!

In Vienna we call this the "Tante Jolesch Prinzip"!
She made the world best pasta dish ( Schinkenfleckerl) and the entire family was hoping she would pass the recipe on before the Lord calls her home. On her deathbed the entire family gathered to ask her why her dish was so awesome and to make sure her secret was not lost to the world. With her last strength before she closed her eyes forever, she whispered: "I never made enough!"

1 bag/ kg of thumb size raw shrimp
2 tbsp lime juice
half a chili, chopped - please use gloves!
1 cup cilantro chopped with a knife
1 stalk of lemon grass, cut in thin slices
2 tbsp of soy sauce
1 ½  tbsp of crushed garlic
1 tbsp of grated ginger
⅔ cup of white bread crumbs or pankio
butter lard "Butterschmalz" (or any type of fat to grill these)

Sweet and Sour Chili sauce 
Cilantro leaves and lime wedges for decoration

Put the shrimp in a cutter and ground them (if you don't have a cutter you can chop them to the smallest size possible), this is a bit slimy so use the spoon to place it all in a big enough bowl, add all the spices:
soy sauce, lime juice, garlic, lemon grass, ginger, chili, cilantro and the bread crumbs
and let marinate for an hour in the fridge.

Take them out of the fridge so the mixture can warm up to temperature,
about 20 min in our summer heat right now.

Form golfball size shrimp patties and place them on a plate, heat the pan withbutter lard to ¾ of your stove range and place the balls in the pan pressing them down so they become discs, fry them on both sides turning gently with two forks. You might have to adjust the temperature so the shrimp burger does not burn but gets cooked thoroughly. They might be fragile but when they are done they are pretty much firm burgers and easy to eat, dipped in the sauce. Eventual loss in the pan can be sampled !
I once made the burgers and offered a dark soy sauce and fresh herb kind of dip, 
unfortunately I didn't write the recipe down. Grmpf!