Soft center egg, Avocado and Grapefruit

Soft center egg, Avocado and Grapefruit

A day without an avocado is just not right, but to eat it in a different way each day a challenge.

As you know I do not eat a lot of meat or proteins in general, so an egg is perfect, and since I love it on salads I tried to come up with a balance of a neutral and a dominant taste like the one achieved with this combination. A total new dressing with white port wine, no vinegar and grapefruit underneath.

You need for 4:

2 avocados
4 eggs, poached 
Juice from a lemon

1 grapefruit, ½ cut in slices ( the other ½ as juice)
one bunch of arugula
Some kernels of pomegranate for decoration

for the vinaigrette:

salt and pepper
4 cl white port wine
2 tbsp of brown sugar
4 tbsp olive oil
the juice of  ½  a grapefruit

Caramelize the sugar in a pot over medium heat, when liquid add 2 tbsp of warm water and cook until dissolved, add the port wine and reduce a little. Let the liquid cool, add the grapefruit juice and the olive oil and mix well.

Poaching the eggs: I always thought I was to dumb to make a perfectly poached egg, with the vinegar and the boiling water, when Andrea showed me her way I thought I could give it a try and you can see, it works amazingly well:

Set a pot half full of water on the stove and start boiling the water. Take 4 cups, for tea or coffee, line them with cling wrap, brush it with a little oil and open an egg in each prepared cup.

Pull the cling wrap together and twist it so the egg is perfectly wrapped and cook it for 5 minutes in boiling water the egg will shape like the wrap but the result can be seen, no hassle no egg lost, perfectly poached and when you remove it from the plastic you can use a spoon to place it in the center of your avocado. 

Cut the avocado in half, remove the pit and with the help of a spoon carefully take it out of the peel and set it aside, drizzled with the lemon juice in order to prevent it from becoming brown.

Cut the grapefruit in half and cut 4 thin slices the rest can be pressed into a bowl for the vinaigrette. Cut the slices from the peel and set it on the plates first. Place the avocado on it, and the poached egg inside the pit whole, drizzle the vinaigrette over it and serve with salad and pomegranate kernels. Sprinkle the chives, the sea salt and pepper over the plates and serve quickly. The egg is best when still warm!

What I love about this dish is: the egg and the avocado seem to be the neutralizer for the strong vinaigrette and the grapfruit is a great addition. You do not need any vinegar, it's just perfect by itself. Hope you love it too!