Continuing on from my last roundup of travel/city instagrammers I want to introduce 9 instagrammers that create their own fairytale world through exploration and expert editing and always go the extra mile. Here are my favorite inspirations:

@ravivora @morganphillips I'm always so impressed by the colors of sunset these two manage to capture, they often take pictures together and inherently find stunning nature all around California, but really you'll feel like their pictures were taken straight from a fantasy film set, and in a good way.

@nikk_la I found Nicholas right before he was suggested by instagram, because he liked one of my pictures, which I still cannot believe because his pictures are beyond stunning. I love the way he captures clouds and almost makes them feel alive. Follow him for impressive aerial shots.

@bythebrush is a painter and as such has a creative way of showcasing her own work and even her photography seems as though it's a painting.

@paperfashion is a fashion illustrator and when I first started following her I couldn't believe her illustrations and time lapses, not to mention her high end collaborations with big brands and illustrating fashion shows.

@bob_sizoo is based in South Africa and has the ability to make even the most mundane picture impressive beyond words.

@nois7 is not only a skilled photographer, but also one of the best editors out there, his posts may not be very frequent, but his skill at composition creates incredible images that make you rethink most life situations.

@alexstrohl @thomasguy make the every day that much more interesting and consistently demonstrate quality.

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