Hong Kong Cafe Gray

Among other things, when in Hong Kong, seek out the views (quite obvious, you might say, but the possibilities are endless). Nowhere in the world will you find such fascinating, dense and contradictory architecture.

Do One of the cheapest things to do is to take the Star Ferry across Victoria harbor, which will cost you about 30 cents or so, but allow views of both Kowloon and Central by way of the water. The boats are also open on the sides so it's great for taking pictures as well. I already mentioned The Peak in my previous post about Hong Kong, self explanatory. A helicopter ride would also be truly magnificent, I just wish I could remember the one I went on 8 years ago on my last visit to Hong Kong. Another great and free option is taking the escalators to the mid-levels, which allows stunning views along busy Hong Kong roads.

Eat & See My favorites so far were Cafe Gray and the incredible view from the restaurant on top of the Peninsula, called Felix for a fancier night out. Also: Mott 32 where I had an entire duck between my friend Luca and I, but it was amazing, so no shame (but, this one is underground, kind of like a Chinese Mafia speakeasy).

Hong Kong things to see

Drink & See Sevva has you caught between an urban jungle and the Hong Kong skyline. MO bar at the Mandarin, Cafe Gray at the Upper House again at night time and I've been told Ozone at the Ritz Carlton Hong Kong (which happens to be the highest Hotel in the world) has some stunning views of Central Hong Kong.

Hong Kong things to see