Sophie and I are delighted to announce our first year online our first year connected to all of you and our first year of figuring out how this blogging and posting and administrating of such a baby works. We are both so excited about YOU out there, your feedbacks verbally and in the comments. We wish we could invite you all over to celebrate with us and hear your thoughts on what you like best. To be honest the best feedback I got once was by Sharon 4 months ago who wrote:

"Breathtaking photos, I finally feel calm after a looong tirrring day xx"

At first we posted every day and decided that with the workload we have both we would not be able to keep up with the pace and you were faithful and loyal to us , we can see the numbers still climbing and your interest in what we do is a real compliment to both of us. 

Sophie and I grew together as a team, we watch each others improvements and creativity and you should read the emails we exchange if one is posting some real nice photos! Sophie is still my editor and you all are our biggest encouragement.

The biggest compliment you can make us? Please leave a comment, send me a photo from the remake of a dish, offer an opportunity to post something you like to see on our blog, text us if you love the sites we travelled to ....

How will we commemorate this big event?



Here are your favorite recipes from our metrics

Here it is ! A year of tried and tested recipes 

You are a wonderful audience and without you we would not have made it this far!