I guess to say that I like to travel would be quite the understatement. But, for me it's not really how far away from home I travel, but more to capture specific moments of everyday beauty. It sounds cheesy, but it's more the experience and the people I'm with that matter beyond the actual destination. Perhaps you could say it's the act of traveling that fascinates me. Why else would anyone sit on a bus for 9 hours in one day just to spend 6 hours wandering the streets of Washington, DC trying to find leftover cherry blossom trees. It's ironic that the feeling of being uprooted through a change in location makes me feel more at peace, but I think these pictures might convince you that a trip to Washington (view my guide on what to do here) during spring is just as necessary as having cupcakes at Baked and Wired in Georgetown. Join me for up-to-date adventures over on instagram.

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