Right now when I am looking outside I kind of feel like cheating on you since the photos really look like summer and warm weather and all I could hear for a day was rain outside my window. Tiny drops and heavy ones and the background constant sound the water from heaven makes all aroud me. But the summer months are ahead as I said I will for sure keep the closet free from coats and knits ... maybe not today but one doesn't want to catch a cold either?

I am trying to think positive and with this recipe you might want to join me in thinking of lazy evenings, friends around and a light meal to give plenty of room for a good conscience about what we ate  and lots of energy for a good dance later on. Leave away heavy make up that belongs to the past months, now we want to feel good about the sunshiny days ahead and feel healthy. This recipe again is very healthy and the easiest to make, no cooking no washing up, the best to prepare for guests in advance or keep in the fridge for everyone in the family to grab as a healthy snack any time of day. The best way to start a meal is with something fruity and fresh. Your stomach will say Thank You and you are prepared for an easy transition between no food and dinner. This is a way of helping your skin glow and you will feel much better if you make the most of all the fresh produce there is to buy now on the markets. Now is the time for great fruit and vegetables and the time for pre-packaged stuff is gone.


Melon Shooter
Edamame With Soup

This is Edamame, our favorite for snacks. Simple soybeans in a shell cooked and sprinkled with sea salt and grated horse radish. It is easily prepared and makes the best pre dinner munch.
I found my new favorite flower shop! I am so excited, it has been there for a while but I kind of never realized how awesome it is. I will have to show you pretty soon some pics and you will for sure fall in love it. It is so close to my home and they have the most beautiful flowers and make fabulous arrangements! These peonies are from the shop, parents they gorgeous? Come and check out Unverblümt! I know you agree! I am so lucky to live in such a great neighborhood!


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Preparation time 15 min
Chilling time 3 hours

You Need

1 melon, I use a cantaloupe or a honeydew melon
1 organic lime, grated peel and juice
½ tablespoon curry powder or paste
200ml | 2/3 cup sparkling water


When you read the recipe you could probably make that soup with out any help but here is what I did.
The lime must be washed and dried prior using, then you can first grate the green peel and the press the juices from it. We need the entire flesh from the melon so you can either cut the melon lengthwise or in half, scrape the seeds out and cut the remove the peel. If you have a ripe fruit then this is really easy, you could scrape the flesh out with a spoon, this way you don’t even need a knife. Put this in a blender, I used my brand new Kenwood kMix, add the lime juice and peel, curry, sparkling water and season to taste with salt. Done. Now transfer the soup to your fridge for at least 3 hours.

I decorated my glasses with tiny basil cress.
Very decorative can be a fresh slice of lemon, herbs or even a small stalk of celery. This way the whole thing stays vegan, without anyone missing flavor or you can add a piece of crisp Serrano ham. That would make my son truly happy.