The days here in Vienna were really hot over the weekend, 33°C and no breeze, and the only way to survive seemed to be in the shade with lots of water to keep us happy. Having friends over for a swim if you are fortunate to have a pool is the best of fun. Julian did that and everyone was having a great time. 
Watermelon is the essence of summer for me. There is something about it that brings fun memories, just to look at this giant cannonball with stripes makes you think of childhood days. 
I prepared a jug of water with a long and perfect stick of melon and a sprig of basil. I can imagine, that mint works well as usual with fruit but I thought why not give this one a different look. 

Don't worry if your watermelon has too many seeds, they sink to the bottom and won't bother you. I just happen to have a really big and oval watermelon and used the centre for my infused water.I love the ones with the dark seed much better, they seem to have way more taste. plus what is a fruit without seeds? Genetically manipulated. The farmer is forced to buy new seeds each year because the ones he grows will not provide for the next year's crop.

Here to seedful fruits ! Cheers !

Watermelon at the pool
watermelon to drink