I've been back from Seattle for almost two weeks now, but I still have one last post from that lovely city in the upper left corner of the USA. It's taken me quite a while to compile this post, maybe because I loved it a fair amount more than I thought I would and I wasn't quite ready to say goodbye. Here's my Seattle shortlist on where to eat, what to do and what to most definitely avoid.

First things first, the most important bit (to me at least):
Where to eat...

Oddfellows Cafe in Capitol Hill for a solid lunch and a whole lot of atmosphere. Make sure you get an order of fries while you're at it.

Oddfellows Cafe Seattle

Afterwards you can pop by Molly Moon's for a serious ice cream feast (I'm still obsessed with their Lavender Honey Flavor). 
For coffee, I highly recommend Storyville (they have several locations, but I loved the one at Pike Market) or Stumptown, as always.

For dinner, I'd suggest heading back to Occidental Square to Bar Sajor, a lovely space with an open kitchen.

Bar Sajor Seattle

And my absolute favorite: The London Plane (you can read the full post here) for incredibly delcious, flavorful food and a beautiful concept store space near Occidental Square.

The London Plane Seattle

What to Do...
Personally, I think you should start your visit to Seattle off with a hike instead of exploring the city. Chances are you're coming from a city and have spent the last day in a car or at the airport so fresh air is exactly what the doctor ordered. Luckily, there are some great short hikes and sights just outside of Seattle, like Rattlesnake Ridge and Snowqualmie Falls.

You can easily do both of those in half a day. Now, you're ready to experience Downtown Seattle. Start out at Pike Market and walk your way through Downtown to the Public Library and Capitol Hill.

One of my highlights was taking the ferry from Downtown Seattle to Bainbridge Island, giving you stunning views of Downtown and Mt Rainier in the distance. You don't really need to explore the island, but it's definitely worth the 8 dollar ferry ride.

While you should avoid going up the Space Needle itself, you should definitely head to Kerry Park for sunset and watch the lights turn on in the city below you, it'll give you a much better view and you'll be able to make some friends up there while you're at it!

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Kerry Park Seattle