Apparently Iceland has over 10000 waterfalls, who knew? After about day 3 of our trip in Iceland I already felt like we had seen about 8000, but of course we barely scratched the surface. It can be really difficult to edit out things you need to see in Iceland, because quite frankly there's just way too much to see and even after a full week I felt like I needed more time. You can read the first Iceland post here. So here's our roundup of the absolute best waterfalls we saw during our time there:

These are Icelands newest waterfalls that haven't been named yet, right off of Iceland's largest glacier (Vatnajökull) and you have to take a helicopter to be able to get this close.

This is Haifoss, seen by helicopter:


Moving on to a more modest waterfall, we found these in Thingvellir National Park where two tectonic plates collide, causing amazing rifts and waterfalls.

thingvellir national park iceland
thingvellir national park iceland

Gulfoss is stunning with is two tiered drop totalling 32m and then disappearing into this canyon.

gulfoss waterfall

This double waterfall (Hjalparfoss) is located near Landmannalaugar (post to follow soon).

Chances are you've seen pictures of Skogafoss before. National Geographic's "Best hike in the world" starts from the little path you see just to the right of the waterfall. We were stunned by the sheer power of the waterfall and the beautiful purple Icelandic weeds all around it.

I'd highly recommend visiting Seljalandsfoss, it was definitely the most fun one as you could walk behind and around it. Just make sure you take care of your camera and don't ruin it!


Urridafoss falls is Iceland's most powerful waterfall by volume, and it's so much fun climbing over the rocks to get to the middle of it.

Have you been to Iceland? What was the best place you visited while there?