cabbage salad

Summer seemed to be a never ending story this year, the heatwave and draught exhausts us and I was so thankful I could leave the city and the 38°C and spend the time with visiting friends in the mountains. I am longing for cooler weather like everybody else in Vienna I guess. Today it is finally here! the rain was much needed. Sophie and I made a day trip to Germany and visited a fairy tale castle together with maybe thousands of other tourists from the east ... more on Sophie's post soon. I had no idea how beautiful the landscape was! Just like in a painting. Rolling hills, empty streets, green fields. Then we visited my longest school friend at the Tegernsee, had a refreshing swim, tried for the first time standup paddling and shared a lovely platter loaded with fresh fish from their neighbors "Frische Fische und Delikatessen" store. The best fish I ever had! paired with seaweed salad and sesame! MHHHHH ! 

Together with our friends we got up real early the next day to get the most done before the heat came and hiked up along a mountain river coming down a bit weak by then as it hasn't rained for quite a while. But as you walk up the trail often crosses the river and you can cool your hands and the dog could drink and cool of. The water is super clear and we always bring our bathing suits and enjoy a short dip into the many natural ponds the water washes out of the stone. Sometimes the water finds its way over the flat grey rocks you can walk on barefoot to explore the riverbed. It is a magical place for us we must visit every year. That really made us super hungry! At lunch time after hiking and swimming and only a tiny breakfast we came home with growling tummies and I made us a gazpacho with watermelon and tomato and this lovely salad with cabbage and corn. It is really quick and satisfying!

Roasted Corn

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Preparation time: 25 min

You Need

600 g red cabbage, in thin slices
750 g white cabbage, thin slices
1 medium size red onion, thin slices
4 carrots, peeled, julienne cut
3 ears of corn on the cob
olive oil
1 cup water
3 tbsp white vinegar
cilantro leaves

1 cup mayonnaise
2 tbsp Dijon mustard
1 tbsp lemon juice
sea salt
2 teaspoon of garlic paste (optional)

Make sure you make this salad for lunch in a large enough quantity. This should serve 6 and I barely saved this small bowl to take pictures for you. Can you imagine men going for a second and third helping?

The water with the vinegar must be heated in a separate pot then poured over the cabbage, onion and carrot slices, left for 20 minutes. I turned and kneaded the salad mix 3 times with my hands to evenly cure it. The hot vinegar will soften the cabbage and make it easier to digest. In the meantime heat a pan on medium and brush the corn evenly with the olive oil. The corn must be roasted until slightly brown, if you have a grill outside ready to be used roast it there for best results. The pan will be fine as well. The corn should cool down before you stand it upright and cut down the corn kernels with a knife. Collect the corn. It might be all over the place. Mix the dressing in a separate bowl and prepare the cilantro. The 20 minutes for the cabbage are over now you can drain the excess vinegar and water from the bowl, ad the corn and the dressing and serve the salad with the cilantro leaves.

Cilantro lemonade

While you still have a handful of cilantro leaves left spice up your fresh water with sprigs of cilantro and a slice of a lemon. Tastes perfect in combination with this salad!