Fondation Luis Vuitton

Successful adventures are often well planned, thoroughly orchestrated and smoothly administrated. No?
Yes! It is not by chance that for only 2 and a half days everything seemed perfect. We ventured on a weekend trip with friends of the MAK and had the opportunity to see art and architecture I might not have seen in one go on my own. The sun was shining most of the times, the rain had its spell when we were inside, the meals were excellent and the best part for me was the empty Philharmonie de Paris before the other tours started. Most amazing architecture for bespoke museums like the Fondation Luis Vuitton. See for yourself. Or you better hop into a plane and come and see to get the feel for a building just planned and constructed for art or the one like the Philharmonie de Paris designed for music. Different locations light and acoustics, inviting outdoors and artful concept design.

Fondation Luis Vuitton
Fondation Luis Vuitton

Paris for me is the marriage of century old and shiny new. The spacious city centre and the narrow winding roads and spiral staircases. The heritage of the dead and the vibrating and pulsing life on the streets. The proud Parisian and the self-conscious and elegant fashionistas. The wealth of the lucky ones and the stone-bed of the homeless. The arts, the chansons, the croissants and the light blue sky. The light blue sky makes you believe the world is going to be ok, after you have seen the beauty of Paris.

The grand stairs to the Philharmonie de Paris

The list of galleries is endless here so we chose just a view that brought home more in-depth know how of art we saw at the MAK. I enjoyed very much the visit to the Galerie Thaddeus Ropac and Imran Qreshi whose art we saw on the roof of the Metroplotan Museum in NY two years ago. Galerie Kamel Mennour shows Tadashi Kawamata. 
Those chairs above were designed by Corbusier for Chandigarh, India and are now collectables for the rich and trendy. A good address is the Gallery Patrick Seguin if you want to see some pieces. Sunday morning was especially nice when we strolled along the Seine. When do you ever see such a perfect reflection? Paris looks like a small 18th century village ...

Peaceful Sunday morning and a reflection of La Ile de la Cité