Dear Jervois

Aukland won our affection not alone through the views on to the water from every street almost, or the pleasant temperature while Europe is hiding under a blanket of white but truly by its food and its little cafes and restaurants we ate in. David Lee's Dear Jervois Cafe is such a genious location of comfort food for an easy start into the day – any time of day actually.

The street's name is French which makes it for me truly hard - what will a New Zealander make of French and how will he say it in a Kiwi way? Maybe it sounds like 'tshörwas' –  It remains a mystery to me but Sophie, who happens to love everything from Down Under and spends a significant time of her morning routine at the Blue Stone in NY, her favorite Australian Cafe, is my prefferred linguist and always making fun of me while she translates this 'new' language!

The interior is cosy and rustique with this special flair of a hip place and we ordered almost everything we could imagine for a brunch in the middle of summer. The menu is creative and leaves no special request open. The service super kind and friendly.


The 'Superfood Crüsli' was absolute the best I ever had and you know I do make Granola for restaurants! I felt all day energized and strong and who can resist a fresh ugly bagel with avo, capers and Salmon Lox?

dear Jervois
Superfood Crüsli

I wish I could have this right in front of me right now – I just love it!!! Food photos made with my iphone 6S.