easter brunch

Are you planning a nice brunch for tomorrow? Here is a cute version for individual eggs in a cup you can vary the taste and surprise everyone with his favorite, they are easy to prepare and done while you make fresh coffee and tea. My garden is coming to life again and the outdoors smell as if honey is running down the street so strong is the scent of the first bushes and trees in bloom. I gave a dinner this week for 12 and this bouquet of tulips was real stunning. So they made it on this post along with the Brioche Krantz I received. Sorry I didn't bake this one myself.

eggs in a cup
Eggs for Breakfast
Zucchini flower with eggs

Baking time 12-14 min
Oven temperature 180°C | 350°F
Preparation time 10 min

You Need

1 egg per cup
butter, soft for the cups
1 tbsp. heavy cream for each cup
smoked salmon or char, one slice per cup + 1 tsp sliced fresh green onion rings
1 heaped tbsp. of crumbled pumpernickel, dark rye bread
1 tbsp. crumbled goat cheese + 1 small zucchini blossom

Sea salt and pepper

Fresh parsley, dill, chives for decoration when baked

Prepare the cups as shown in photos brake the egg over your filling sprinkle a little salt, more for the zucchini version less for the smoked fish (the fish usually contains some salt). Place the cups on your baking sheet in the preheated oven and bake until almost done, the yolk should be still soft, the egg white just about ready, do not over bake.
Serve immediately sprinkled with fresh herbs and pepper.

Do not worry about your cups they will stand up to the heat, they were made with much higher temperature :)

Sautee fresh chanterelles in a pan with a little butter and garlic and place one heaped tablespoon in the cups with a tablespoon of heavy cream, topped with an egg. Definitely use fresh parsley! (Not shown here.)

We wish you all a festive and joyous Resurrection Day. Many blessings to you all.