New York can be a crazy weather rollercoaster sometimes, especially when it comes to spring, but when the blossoms in West Village finally reappear, I can forgive even the most severe weather indiscretions.

I've been getting a lot of questions on instagram lately on how I create the blur effect in my photos. It's really difficult to do on an iPhone in all honesty, unless you have a window pane with raindrops to focus on and with your autofocus locked. When using a camera you definitely want to set your focus to a lower number, like 4-6, for example. You can use your hand to focus on a point closer to you if you have your camera set to autofocus and then you'll be able to get the image blurred completely. I also tend to resharpen the image when I edit, to bring out the blur and the bokeh in the photo. Hope this helps!

Photos of me by Mitchell Phun