Mothers Day is coming up soon and so are the pink and lilac colored bouquets matching the pink and lilac cake decorations. I am totally not in the mood for pink right now so I made brownies that help me battle anything, really anything! There are a million brownie recipies out there but when it comes to the point of finding the gooey and not too sweet one I fall for this recipe anytime for sure. The size of your portions could be adjusted, this is rather a feast and an opulent one.


Flowers and chocolate, I do not wish for more ...

weisser Flieder
white lilac

The egg whites look so pretty I had to show them to you!

***AND the German Rezept ist auch druckfertig! ;-)


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Baking time 30–35 min
Oven temperature 175°C | 350°F

You Need

500g dark chocolate 70%, best quality
500g sweet butter
12 large eggs
750g fine caster sugar
125g flour
125g organic cocoa powder 100%
125 pecans

Line a form 23x25 with parchment paper. Grease the paper and keep the sides standing up, the brownies will rise first when baked and will settle again while cooling.
Preheat the oven to 175°C | 350°F
In a double boiler (one pot filled with 3cm high water, a smaller one set inside) melt the butter and add broken pieces of the chocolate, stir and combine until smooth and creamy. Remove the pot from the stove and fold in the sugar with a whisk.
Collect the eggs all in a separate bowl and stir until egg yolk and whites are combined; pour the eggs slowly into the chocolate while stirring continually. Combine the flour and the cocoa powder in a separate bowl and sift over the mix, combine again with a spatula, now the dough starts thickening. Mix with an electric mixer for about 3 minutes until the dough looks shiny.
Break the pecans in large chunks and fold under the dough.

Fill the prepared form shake it a bit so you get a flat and even look when baked.
Bake until the center is just about to harden, do not over bake as the brownies will settle and harden when cooled. Let cool completly before you serve and sift some extra cocoa on top before serving.

Do I need to add this is neither a low calorie dessert nor part of a healthy diet plan?
But I assure you: This is worth the guilt trip!