Asperagus Rice salad
Beet Root Salad
Fruit Salad

The weather this week was stunning, the temperatures up and spring in full swing. I love this time of year, I kind of get totally energetic and I could start hundreds of projects. Hope you feel the same. When we made Granola this week Elena's son showed me such a lovely new cookbook by Karin Stöttinger called SHAKING SALADS. Immediately I wanted to make some for the blog and so I bought the book read it all evening, roamed the market and here it is, my version of homemade salads for lunch to go! Karin wrote in her book that someone inspired her as well and all it takes is to explore a new idea and make it your own. So all my recipes if close to hers or different should be altered the way you like your salad most and contain the ingredients you have available. You do not have to stick to a recipe, this is just an inspiration. Salads keep great in a jar, can be made the day ahead, because you add the dressing only before you eat it.

Rule #1 for the order of the ingredients in the jar is yummy looks:

Place lowest the precooked carbs like rice, quinoa, lentils, the like –
Then the fresh, heavier chopped veggies like beetroots, cucumbers, bell peppers or cheese
then the lightweight sprouts and leaves. - Always add sprouts! They add vitality and crunch!

Screw on the lid and pack the dressing separately to go.


You can read an interview with Karin by Julia in German here at Chestnut and Sage

Here are my favorites:

Precooked 3 color rice + precooked white asparagus, sprouted mung beans + fresh arugula + pea asparagus. Dressing: olive oil + honey Djon mustard + lemon juice + maple sirup + salt

Tabbouleh: precooked quinoa + cucumbers + tomatoes + pomegranate seeds + fresh parsley and mint leaves. Dressing: olive oil + lemon juice + salt

Red Beets: precooked beluga lentils + feta cheese or goat cheese + precooked red beets + red beet greens. Dressing: 1/2 red beet + olive oil + vinegar + tahini + ground cumin + yoghurt all in a blender + salt

Dessert: Fresh fruits in layers. Dressing: yoghurt + cashew butter + lemon juice + agave syrup

Shaking Salad (German Edition)
By Karin Stöttinger

Get her book right from amazon, we love it!