Lydmar Hotel

Travelling in style. When we first arrived we thought the entrance must be on the other side as the terrace in front of the house was brimming with people enjoying a coffee and drinks in the sun with the best view over to Gamlastan. Then a very handsome-model-type-tall-dark skin friendly face came out to help us with the luggage and ensured us we had his favorite room booked #401 at the Lydmar Hotel. Please read the intro on thier website it says iit perfectly. And watch the video! The interior is remodelled often, once a year I heard, and features photo art throughout the hotel's halls and rooms as you can see. A cozy, informal 4+1/2 star Hotel, no turn down service in the evening but great breakfast and a lively bar with fantastic cocktails, life music and dancing right there in the hall and if the weather permits on the terrace. Yet we slept undisturbed and peacefully. I would came again any time!
What I love about the Lydmar Hotel? Every room is different, the informal lean luxury and its vibrant atmosphere. I had the impression I immediatly belonged!

The hotel is now linked to the Grand Hotel on the same side of the harbor but keeps its individual charm.

Lydmar Hotel

The view from our room with the palace on Gamlastan. The terrace usually brims with young people. And from here it is only a short walk over the bridge.

Stockholm happy hour

Our short stay must sees:


The old town of Sweden is called Gamlastan with its narrow winding streets and alleys. One can spend days there, enjoying some hot chocolate or coffee, discovering good views between the old houses. Please hop on over to our instagram accounts, links below, where we posted those pretty views. I bought a beautiful copper baking form in Gamlastan but prices are way too high.
The Vasa Museum is a must see.
The Photografiska Museet featuring Bryan Adams and Nick Brandt and its great view from the bar on the top floor, great interior and delicious cinnamon buns called kannelbullar ...until the rain stops.
Eat at the Wedholms Fisk where we went back again the next day for the best salmon ever with small potatoes cooked in cream!
Best sushi at Miss Voon.
A casual swedish lunch nerby the shopping area can be taken at the Riche.
When you get really tired from shopping stop by the Wiener Cafeét at the Biblioteksgatan and watch the scene.

Try to get out of the city to see the Drottningholm Palace.
The best was our trip to Sigtuna which you can see soon through Sophie's lens.