Although we went to Tokyo and Kyoto before we visited Osaka as our final stop before heading back. Osaka was by far my favorite city we visited, because it fit my expectation of what it feels like to feel truly "lost in translation" in Japan. Osaka is known for its amazing food scene and the endless variety of nightlife. I wish I were better at night photography, because that's when the city truly comes to life. Every single building has 50 different bars and restaurants on every floor and you can lose yourself in the options for years without getting bored.

One of my favorite memories was visiting this jazz bar on the 4th floor of a building and listening to a Japanese woman sing New York. I also highly recommend checking out the Marriot, which is where we stayed as it has a beautiful view over the entire city and definitely visit the gorgeous Osaka castle (even if it's only to use the Osaka castle emoji in your instagram caption, but I'm guessing the castle is pretty enough to convince you). You also simply must try all the street food (especially Takoyaki, the octopus balls), which Osaka is famous for.  Have you been to Japan? What was your favorite city?