Red Beet Crumble

Hi there everyone, have you been busy looking for the perfect gift for your Valentine?
I have been quite successful this year I think, and I do hope so much my little gift and card will show my love how much I care! Of course you cannot look into the future and see what I will be cooking for Valentines so I prepared this ahead of time to share with all of you. What have you planned this year I am so curious so please leave a comment below and let my know. Inspire others and me. There are so many cute cards in the store yet I made one myself, couldn't find the one expressing what I wanted to say but honestly the ideas are amazing and I was very tempted to declare as many Valentines of my love as there were pretty cards I wanted to buy.
We will be away from home so in my luggage I hid my little red and white parcel for Tuesday.

Once I made an Ottolenghi recipe a fennel crumble and today I thought why not try to convert beets into a crumble as well and here it is my version of a beet root crumble for all those Veggies out there.

Red Beets Tarte
Beet Crumble
Be Mine

Preperation 1 hour

Oven Temperature 160°C convection
                     or       180°C

You Need

500g cooked beet roots, peeled and grated like cheese
1 apple, peeled and grated
2/3 cups grated gruyere or even cheese fondue (I used)
salt, black pepper
1 tbsp. lemon juice
1 tbsp. vinegar
fresh herbs and young onions for garnish

150 g flour
75 g cold butter in cubes
½ tsp. salt
35 ml ice cold water

100 g flour
100 g butter
50 g almond flour
50g sugar

Bake the crust for 20 minutes and let cool.
Prepare the crumble and let it rest in the fridge wrapped in cling foil while you make the filling.
In a bowl mix all the ingredients and season to taste, I like it to be spicy so I always add chili as well. If you find too much liquid on the bottom of your mix, drain it, otherwise the crust becomes soggy. Fill the prebaked crust with the beetroot-apple mix finish with the crumble on top evenly covering the filling and let bake for 45 min or until golden brown. Serve with some tahini-yoghurt-olive-oil-lemon mix or some fresh spinach salad.