Tarte au citron
Lemon tarte

When we moved to Switzerland I was spinning out of control, I was so excited about all the new things to explore and one of the best stuff here has everything to do with milk and what you can make of it.

 I am sure you read about Sophie's obsession with cheese, melted cheese in any possible and impossible way, we can never allow ourselves to avoid the cheesy crust on basically almost everything but fish which is not her favorite unless it is nearly alive and prepared by a Japanese Sushi master. But lets not get into detail here. What I am referring to is a product of divinity hiding a ton of calories under it's velvet cover ... 55+ % fat .. Didn't I tell you? It's just the best!

      DOUBLE CRÈME or as the French would call it Crème Double ...

Anyways when I told my friends in Vienna what a discovery I made here the first response was: Best for Tarte au Citron! OK!? never thought that would be an option I just dreamed of Mousse au Chocolat and double crème and Carrot Ginger Soup and double crème and Tiramisu and double crème and ....
Here it is, my version of a creamy and divine 'light and easy' amazing Tarte au Citron! The French will rewrite their cookbooks for sure!

Tarte au Citron
Lemon tarte
Lemon pie
Tarte au citron

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Preparation time 30 min
Baking time 20 + 30 min
Oven temperature 220°C, 180°C

You Need

For the crust
200g plain flour
100g sugar
80g cold butter
1 organic egg
pinch of salt

For the lemon curd
3 organic eggs
4 organic lemons ( 15cl juice and the grated peelof 3 lemons)
1 tbsp. starch
150 g double crème ( divine but, can be substituted with crème frâiche)
150 g sugar

Preheat the oven to 220 °C
Grate the lemons (keep aside) and press the juice from the same lemons.In you stand up mixer make quickly the dough for the crust: flour sifted, butter, sugar, egg and salt and with the paddle tool the dough is made in 3 minutes.
Roll out the dough and transfer it to the buttered and floured form of 20 cm in diameter.

Press the dough up on the sides so you get an even thick crust. Poke lots of holes in the dough with your fork and blind bake the crust weighed down with old beans on a parchment paper, Bake until golden on the edges and let cool.
Set the oven to 180°C
In the meantime mix the grated peel with the eggs, add the sugar and starch. Bring the lemon juice to a soft boil and add it to the other mix while stirring then add the double crème. Pour half of it into the crust transfer it to the oven and fill the rest in. It is quite liquid but will be soft and creamy once ready and cooled off.