The breath and heartbeat was gone like the most natural thing. It just stopped, did it's last soft move and will not pick it up again. I let go of my companion, of the fur I loved to pat and the cry of the heart which still comes now and again, ... please stay with us!

We are born to learn how to love and be kind to everyone,
and because dogs know it already, they don't have to stay as long!


New feelings of sadness paired with overwhelming thankfulness come and they can be much different to the loss of a person, although they seem teach me something of the most reliable thing on earth, the unevitable fact of life and death. An End to all changes, an End to all words, a clear cut. I felt her heartbeat fail and her breath came no more.

But the times we had will stay forever with me and her eyes who follwed me tireless all day, I can still feel fixed to every move I make. It is a gift to care for a pet and I will not want to miss it.

And it was April – when all comes to life

Good-by sweet Gina