We try something new this time, first of all a video with music by bensound for you to enjoy and to get into the mood of summer.

My Instagram Feed shows the beauty of our last trip to the Maldives. Not easily scared, we even went despite the warnings and news of political unrest and street fights in Male. Our hotel is so far north that honestly not even the big sharks make it there. So we sat in the chopper equipped with headphones against the noise admiring the serenity and colors from above as well. Arriving by plane you see the secluded private villas long stretches of beaches and palm trees and the light blue shades and turquoise waters of the tranquil sea. We came already the second time - please see our post here - and a break from the way too long winter months here in Switzerland, arriving at Le Cheval Blanc just felt like paradise. We were greeted by smiling and waving staff members including Renato Chiazzola, the manager, who with his bright blue eyes seems to have a competition going with the glittering waves below the deck. No kidding!

Besides all the natural and neutral colors the only eye catcher they have the bright yellow! How pretty don't you think? Pots, cushions, beach towels and the small Japanese paper umbrella in each villa.

Now I have a playlist of 8 songs selected on Spotify called Malediven Vibes for you to enjoy and to share as well if you like it, I would love to hear from you how that works for you and if you had the chance to listen to it. 
Jetty Cheval Balnc
Cheval Blanc White Bar
"Still" From Drone

Did you see that 'vegetarian' shark waiting there for me? ... on the left ...

Yellow Umbrella

I must confess there is a reason for not posting the past months, apart from the fact that I travelled a lot and the photo data piled up as long as my arm stretches. I finally gave in and said Good Buy to my old laptop :'-( that doesn't even close all the way any more and was at its last whim, shutting down programs and making huffing sounds with the workload. I am so happy with my new strong MAC and the speed it performs. It took a while to locate and transfer, set up and save and change and save again. With the help of my friend Sam Chadwick, who is my 'LR doctor', I was so blessed! And without him I would not be able to manage! Thanks Sam <3 and please have a look at his beautiful and stunning photos here!
Most of the beautiful photos, including the Video in this post, are shot by the talented Julian Paul who has not only a great eye for beauty but also edits his photos really unique. 

We love to share our great times and beautiful locations with you and hope we were able to sweeten your day!