herbed butter

Finally summer is here, thought in May that this is it, the heat then brought the harvest almost to a month earlier. School is over, lakes are filling up so time to meet after a long sunny day outside and turn on the Barbecue. While waiting for the salads, the roasted veggies and the aromas of juicy, marinated chickens or ribs, serve this fun slab of cold butter along some fresh warm bread right out of the oven. Everyone can scrape off his butter spread it on the bread with either more or less herbs, more or less from the salt. This salt plate I used here I got from the mines in Hallstatt/Austria. 

Butter and herbs
Vary the flavor to the best of your imagination with spices, seeds, flowers, different herbs ...

Vary the flavor to the best of your imagination with spices, seeds, flowers, different herbs ...

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Preparation 15 min
Chilling ½  hour minimum

You need

Summer herbs
250g butter
2 tbsp. of seeds
5 tbsp. of fresh, cut chives
2 tbsp. of fresh, small cress
2 sprigs of lemon balm
ground chili
flakes of sea salt

Garlic based
250g butter
2 tsp. garlic, minced with some salt ( spreadable)
5 tbsp. fresh, minced parsley
5 tbsp. of fresh, cut chives
cumin, celery seeds
grounded black pepper
flakes of sea salt

Lemon based
250g butter
chili flakes
peel of 1 organic lemon
3 sprigs of fresh dill
4 tbsp. of green spring onions, chopped
3 tbsp. of roasted
½  cup capers with stem
flakes of sea salt

Leave the butter on the counter for three hours then press it with the balm of your hand onto your plate. You can use a salt stone like I did, if you have a wood that works fine as well, you can even make individual small plates for each guest, even with a choice of different variations!
Try to evenly spread the herbs and flavors finish with larger leaves on top. Use salt to your liking, but remember the salt stone gives off flavor as well!

Second variation works well with dark bread along with pork meat or other strong marinated meats.
The third variation is great for fish and shrimp.

Hope you find your favorite summer butter.
Happy conversations are guaranteed !