Tarragon Sauce

This year has already seen way past half time actually we are by 65% as of today. Usually stats and numbers are not quite my thing but I am using an App this year to read through the Bible and the coolest feature is the visual rushing to your actual day when you start it. And that is the 240th day of 2019. It puts things in perspective a little bit. A friend shared on instagram a photo of a 6 year old before and after school and the subtitle read: The struggle is real! School starts everywhere these days and here in Switzerland it already has. Another school year another opportunity a new step in life.

My summer has been fantastic hope yours as well and wether you have still school kids or all flown off you might still be cooking for them and the weekends allow still to use the BBQ or the backyard griddle. I have for you a midseason recipe and great pics to make your mouth water. Inspired from a website of a Stockholm restaurant I haven’t been to yet but totally want to go.

tarragon sauce

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Preparation time 15 min
Chilling up to 5 days
Makes 400 ml

You need

2 medium eggs
2 tsp tarragon mustard or Dijon
1 tsp crushed garlic
approx. 300ml vegetable oil
a dash of curcuma
1 tbsp. vinegar
1 tsp. maple syrup
½ cup loose tarragon leaves
½ cup chopped tarragon leaves

Make a mayonnaise: the eggs must be room temperature otherwise the mayonnaise might not emulate. Eggs, mustard and garlic go together in a jug with a high rim. With a jug juicer blend until almost white and with a steady hand pour in the vegetable little by little so the mayonnaise stiffens gradually. Use as much oil to get the desired consistency. Then add the vinegar, curcuma for the color and maple syrup to give the sauce an in depth taste. Mix again, add the ½ cup tarragon leaves and mix with the juicer so the taste of the herb intensifies. Salt again if needed.

Then add the chopped tarragon leaves to have those pretty bits and pieces and only stir them under the ready sauce with a spoon.

white meat and tarragon sauce