Friday, 5th of December

Friday, 5th of December

Are you searching for inspiration? I am always , and I look for it in the internet, in my cookbooks on the menus of all the restaurants and through the windows of creative food stores and caterers.

Do you know that we cannot just see something and not be influenced by it? When it comes to food, that is only partially true because we do not gain weight as long as we just admire it and I am so thankful it does not end up on the hips for all the cookbooks and magazines I read all the time. But when it comes to movies, let alone the news, we feel strong emotions looking at the pictures. They can lift us up, or pull us down, they can motivate us and manipulate us and we have so little control over it. 

Looking at food however like the photos of this recipe, shall make you happy and lift you up and eating them will give you power as well. Gluten-free and free of guilt.

Another recipe by my friend Claudia !

You Need

Chocolate chips homemade:

120 gr/ 1 cup cashews, soaked for two hours
60gr/ 1/2 cup maple sirup
60gr/ 1/2 cup Cocoa powder
1 tsp Vanilla-powder
pinch of salt

Mix all the above ingredients except the cocoa powder. Add the sifted Cocoapowder and mix until smooth. Squeeze small drops with the help of an icing bag on a parchment paper and let dry at maximum 42° in a dehydrator. They are really worth the effort, much better than the bought version with milk and sugar and chewy, yes chewy! I love them and would eat it any time on its own as a treat!

If you are not allergic you can use the store bought ones look at the label to make sure you get those without sugar.


300gr / 2 1/2 cups fine cashew flour
210gr / 1 3/4 cups Gluten-free oatmeal flour
60gr / 1/2 cup maple sirup
1 tbsp coconut flower sugar
1 tbsp vanilla powder
1/2 tbsp sea salt
1 cup of the above chocolate chips, you can also use real raw cocoa nips, then add a little more sweetness

Mix all except the chips they must be added last and form cookies of your preferred size, mine are 5 cm in diameter and let them dry in the dyhadrator for 1/2 a day/over night if you like them on the chewy side.

Schokoladenchip Kekse