The stage is set at the Steiereck

Some sights are better than anything else. Watching a magician pull out a white rabbit from his top hat is a well known one and still we cannot understand where the rabbit came from.
I've been an adult for a long time now, but I still love illusions and each time I watch the quick hands of a magician, I try to figure out how they could trick me so easily and turn a simple trick into a miracle. It is a game of the mind and takes long hours of practice. That's how I feel about the process of Vanillekipferl, a traditional Austrian christmas cookie. They're incredibly delicate, but have to be quickly dusted in powdered vanilla sugar.

Vanillekipferl can be made with almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts or a mix of any of them. After they are baked, before they cool off all together, you should roll them in vanilla sugar. The tool is an artist's brush and this is a cart full of icing sugar.

First the cookies are dropped into the icing sugar then they are hidden completely and the brush will find it again and recover it.

On a warm plate the Vanillekipferl are served and the whole trick is not an illusion but a sensation. Serving is a devotion. Telling a story so your imagination comes to life is a gift. 

The Steirereck tells a sweet story by serving Vanillekipferl bathed in a cart full of icing sugar.

Trace the tracks 

Trace the tracks