Classic Tiramisu Recipe

Oldtimers get better over time. This is our long time crowd favorite tiramisu recipe that we never grow tired of.

 Maybe not for guests, but the one I make never lasts longer than a day. 
Plan to run some extra miles before or after :)

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You need

Preparation time : 20 min
Chilling time : 12 hours

2 packages biscotti, less biscotti make the tiramisu softer, creamier
500 grams | 2 cups Mascarpone cheese
4 large eggs
60 grams | ¼ cup sugar
¼ liter | 8 oz heavy cream
150 ml | ⅔ cup coffee
Amaretto, Cognac
Unsweetened cocoa powder

Classic Tiramisu Recipe

Separate the egg yolks from the whites and mix the egg yolk with the sugar until light yellow.
Add the mascarpone, a little Amaretto, if you like (for children I leave the liquor out all together).
Whip the heavy cream and the egg whites in separate bowls, and carefully fold first the whipped cream and then the stiff egg whites with the mascarpone mix.

Mix the coffee together with the liquor in a shallow dish. Then quickly dip the biscotti in the coffee mixture on both sides and  carefully arrange the first layer in a serving dish.

After the first layer of biscotti, add a layer of cream, then another layer of biscotti and another layer of cream to finish. Cocoa powder is sprinkled over the top layer, then chill for 12 hours, best when chilled over night if you manage to wait that long, we usually have it the same day.