What a setting! It could inspire me to paint.… 

What a setting! It could inspire me to paint.… 

Day 3  From Nice to Saint Paul de Vence

My sweetheart of 20 years is a huge Marc Chagall fan. The morning was entirely dedicated to see this master's paintings at the Chagall Museum in Nice! What a treat for me as well! Picasso said: No one uses "blue"and "green" like Chagall and it is so true!

Alain Llorca 

From this restaurant you have a front row seat to St.Paul the Vence!

While we chose our food we met the Maitre d' who is German and lives in Nice for over 30 years he is the perfect host and in love with the French their cooking and wine making and cannot imagine ever to move back to Germany. he even tried his Viennese on us :)

We started with tender and healthy Artichokes "barigoule" in Nicoise style, peeled tomatoes and parmesan shavings

The next dish with the truffles is called: tagliatelles d'encornets du pays, crème de lard, une râpée de truffe melanosporum, oeuf cassé … Yes it sounds divine and so it tasted!

The salmon was served on a rice cake with fresh peas and asparagus.

 St.Paul the Vence is prominently sitting on a hill above everything this tiny village is the most picturesque and hard to beat.

 Here you see many galleries and tiny shops were you find real treasures.

The old centre near the harbor is truly charming and the yachts are impressive. While we were there the light in the afternoon was perfect to capture.